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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


A well created try of cabinets using high-quality hardwood are an object of beauty. When such things are put in within the kitchen, most decorators can value more highly to accompany the natural, wood surface. However, if the picket enclosure isn’t made of the most effective of woods, then you would possibly contemplate painting kitchen cabinets. By selecting a painted end, the color and style choices for the kitchen can increase. Following are many inventive concepts for painting your cabinets. If you look to a small degree, you’ll notice a lot of concepts for painting your kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Match the Wall Color
Painting kitchen cabinets an equivalent color because the wall. This is often not the foremost imaginative plan, however typically an easy useful style is that the best course of action. If you’re employing a semi-gloss paint for the walls, you’ll be able to use an equivalent paint for the cabinets otherwise you should purchase an identical can of high-gloss paint to accent the cabinets ever thus slightly.

Complementary colors
Painting kitchen cabinets in an exceedingly contrasting or complementary color from that of the walls of the kitchen. You’ll do that carefully by selecting a color that’s near the space color or one that matches the woodwork, otherwise you will choose a daring, colorful hue which will create the cabinets extremely stand out. Either manner you would like to select a shiny or semi-glossy paint to guard and accent the cabinets. Latex paint is most popular by most owners; however it’s attainable to use an oil-based paint for further shine and sturdiness.

Paint Used as a Stain
Other inventive thanks to enhance a space are by using paint sort of a stain. This technique depends on a medium grade of wood which will increase the finished look; as a result of when done properly the grain of the wood can seem through the paint. To induce this impact, you’ll use a latex- or oil-based paint; however you would like to run a clean cloth rag over the surface right once you apply the paint. Finally, you would like to rub the cabinet with the rag till the grain of the wood shines through in an excellent manner.

Spray Painting
Another decorating technique is to get rid of the cabinet doors and every one hardware and then spray paint the doors and body of the cabinet with a shiny, enamel paint. However, someone can would like some expertise with a sprig gun to try to this; however the results may be extremely putting, particularly if you utilize contrasting colors for the cabinet doors. White cabinets with black doors would possibly look extremely sharp in an exceedingly kitchen while not abundant color on the walls or woodwork.

Stenciling a style on the front of the cabinet door or on the aspect of a row of cabinets provides a singular look. Stenciling was quite widespread in Colonial America, before the employment of wallpaper, and these days it’s seen a contemporary revival. Pineapples were utilized in that amount as symbols of hospitality, and a stencil style of this fruit would possibly look sensible on the front of a number of your cabinets.


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